What does alesco do?

Alesco is a foundation that designs and develops projects for integral human development in the areas of Education, Health and Food, which for us forms the three fundamental pillars for a whole human being.
Conformed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the areas of pedagogy, engineering, law and medicine, at Alesco we trust that our work will help many to achieve their personal goals, thus forming individual conscience to achieve common benefits.

Our three pillars


An uneducated being is an incomplete being, that is why our main objective is to educate the greatest possible number of people without age difference so that from the knowledge they can have a projection of a productive and prosperous future. However, our main efforts are aimed at children, since they are the representatives of the future alive.


Health is fundamental for human welfare, covering the basic needs of medical care is guaranteed that understanding and awareness go hand in hand, health is a basic human right and as such should be guaranteed and sustainable over time, our proposal it is based on offering the necessary support tools to speed up and promote the health of the human being.


Eating is essential for any living organism, be part of a good diet for health and adequate cognitive development, in Alesco one of our objectives is that quality food can reach all people who need it, especially if they are young people in training.


Sponsor some glasses for our children

We invite you to join us to give our children a tool to get them smiles as beautiful as Alejandra (the girl in the photo on the right), these are special lenses whose frame is highly resistant, virtually unbreakable, since they are made Made of high impact flexible nylon, the crystals are made of special polyurethane with a blue filter. If you want more information click here.

If you want to donate do it here.

Recovery of the Database of the National Herbarium

The database of the National Herbarium is a project executed by Alesco in alliance with the Botanical Garden of Caracas, where the species have been completely recovered digitally (more than 250,000) that had been vandalized and practically disappeared; In addition to the recovery, an application has been made that will be used to load new species, consult them and modify their data if necessary.

Project of medical records for the Infant Ophthalmology Unit of the Luis Razetti Institute of Oncology

Alesco has designed and developed together with Dr. Livia Romero the application for the clinical histories that will serve as support for the staff of the Children's Ophthalmology Unit of the Oncology Institute Dr. Luis Razetti, with this project our children patients will have at their disposal all updated and historical data, serving as a support to diagnose and monitor their condition. For Alesco our children are a priority, since they are the future and support of new generations.

Website for the Botanical Garden of Caracas

Alesco in an effort to preserve one of the lungs of the city of Caracas has designed and developed the web page of the Botanical Garden of Caracas serving to have a presence on the web and inviting new visitors, Enthusiasts and specialists in botany and biology. On the page you can find links to their social networks and their newsletters, in this way worldwide visibility is tacit, offering a digital window for this natural lung and which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

System for the Henry Pittier Library

Due to the acts of vandalism that occurred in 2017, the system that served as support for the Henry Pittier Library located in the Botanical Garden of Caracas has been lost, for which reason we have decided to restore the complete system in order to offer the information of the historical specimens that are patrimony of the country and of the humanity declared by the UNESCO. The novelty of the system is that it can be accessed from any corner of the world with an Internet connection since the works will be published in the cloud.

Appointment system for the Child Oncology Unit of the Oncological Institute Dr. Luis Razetti

Alesco at the hand of Dr. Livia Romero has proposed to make the appointment system for your unit, in this way the staff will have a support tool to effectively organize the customer service planning.

On-line store for the Yo Soy Diego Foundation

Diego is a great friend of the foundation and is a talented illustrator who has developed several very attractive products for daily use, at Alesco we have supported him developing an online store where they can see their products and buy them, we invite them to Visit it and support it.

Recovery of the electrical system of the Botanical Garden of Caracas

The Botanical Garden of Caracas was vandalized and all the electrical installations were stolen in their entirety, Alesco has proposed to recover the medium voltage and low voltage system to feed all the facilities of the Botanical Garden, from the headquarters building, the Braun house and the irrigation system.

Donations and Volunteering.


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